About Us

WABO is the go-to destination for players looking for the best online gambling and casino sites in Australia. We offer a comprehensive list of the top-rated online casinos for real money, including new online casinos. Trust us to guide you to the best online gaming experience.

1. Introduction to Wabo

WABO was established on January of 2013, headquartered at Manila, Philippines. All products and services described on the website was granted with permission and monitored by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (www.pagcor.ph). WABO is running by a team of professionals and elites in online gaming industry from all over the world. We strive to provide our users with a fair and transparent online gambling platform, and we assure you that you get the best possible odds in the market with us, supported by our most advanced internet technology, 24/7 of professional customer service, and also payment method that benefits you the most. Wabo always aim to serve our users with the excellent service as well as diversified entertaining products in order to further expand our business.

2. Legitimate funds security

Our private server was being setup in United States, strictly complying with cybersecurity law of the country, realizing the absolute legal status and safety of the server. Banking transaction records are encrypted with 128-digits SSL security, and WABO is operating 24/7 to conduct risk control and risk management, hence it’s our responsibility to always ensure the users’ data are in the safe hand.

3. Our promise

WABO tends to build up corporate image which brings the message of our professional customer service support, and deliver brand message to the market across every channels. We promised to put our customers as our priority, with the best integrity in the market.

 We promised that all of our games are fair and transparent.

 Our withdrawal only takes 1 to 3 minutes in average, whereas huge amount only required 30 minutes at most.

 Our guaranteed daily withdrawal limit is AUD 10 million.

4. Our guaranteed capabilities:

◆ Fair and Integrity

WABO serves the role as a well known global online gambling operator, certainly conduct strict quality control towards every products integrated, by picking only the most popular international game providers to the company. It’s to ensure every players are playing under fair and transparent environment. In addition, PAGCOR will conduct data analysis and monitoring closely towards all game providers.

◆ Elite team

WABO has the huge ambition to develop the brand into global well known online gaming platform, therefore we invested heavily to recruit the best professionals from all over the world, including but not limited to Internet security team, IT development team, and more. Our purpose is crystal clear that we aim to provide our users the most excellent overall gaming experience. Our top priority is always our customers, and by publishing new contents frequently we believe our customers will see our efforts there.

◆ Privacy and data protection

Our users’ data is the most essential assets and we always implemented and enforce every policy to enhance the confidential level to the max. WABO also implemented stable SSL 256-bit security technology standard. Our server is being mirror backup and it delivers guaranteed outcome in protecting our users’ data. The payment process is being controlled by international financial institutes under the safest environment. Furthermore, our users’ activity are always kept confidential.

◆ Responsible online gaming platform

WABO always emphasize on being a responsible online gaming platform, making sure each and every of our users feel the excitement as we do. However, we noticed some users aren’t aware of their own betting behaviours, such as addiction, where we strongly encourage users to contact us immediately and we definitely love to assist.

● You'll never regret placing your bets on WABO. ●