History of Pokies in Australia

For several decades, Australia is one of the prominent nations when it comes to betting. The country is renowned for several forms of gambling, including pokies, roulette, baccarat, poker games, Sic Bo, and many more. Thus, unsurprisingly, many reputable online casinos emerge from the popular country. Hence, In Australia “poker machines” or “pokies” are officially termed slot game machines.

Among the top betting platforms from Australia is Wabo88. Over the years, the betting platform keeps setting the standard among its contemporaries. Whether you want excellent customer service, a wide array of gaming options, mobile casino gaming, or generous bonuses that can help your gaming experience, Wabo88 is your best bet.

While the popular gambling household offers a plethora of gaming categories to its clients, the best online slot game Australia is found on Wabo88. This is possible because Wabo88 collaborates with multiple slot game software developers. If you would like to learn about the variety of online slot games Australia available on the betting site, continue reading!

Types of slot games available online

Wabo88 is undoubtedly a slot game haven for those who are enthusiastic about the game category. Whether you are a lover of ACEWIN slot games, AMEBA slot games, or the popular BBIN slot games, the betting household contains them all. Due to the various slot game providers linked with the online casino Australia, Wabo88 patrons enjoy over 200 slot games with different themes, gameplay, paylines, and bonuses.

Slot games from the various game suppliers can be categorized into two: progressive slots and non-progressive slots. Starting with the progressive slots, it is the ideal option if you want to win a life-changing amount of money. This is possible through the progressive jackpots that increase as each player bet on slot games. Hence, progressive jackpots contain a pool of money that rises every minute. If you are lucky to win a progressive slot, you can become a billionaire overnight.

On the other hand, non-progressive slots are also worth playing for fun and regular income of smaller sums. Non-progressive slot games feature independent odds with better chances of winning. However, take note that the payout percentage differs depending on the slot game and its provider.

With 918kiss slot game, Mega888 slot game, Scr888, slot game, Gameplay slot game, Asia gaming slot game, and many more, explaining the unending list of games on Wabo88 is impossible. However, to have a good idea of slot abundance on the online casino Australia, below are some top picks to check out:

Golden Hen

Golden Hen

If you seek a slot game with exciting gameplay and significant reward, Golden Hen is a great option to check out. For many years, the popular slot game online has been gamblers’ favorite.

Designed by the famous ACEWIN, Golden Hen features 25 paylines and standard five reels. Perhaps, you are wondering, Golden Hen is a progressive slot that can fetch you more than one million dollars. Each player cannot use more than 125 coins per spin.

5 GOD Beasts

5 God Beasts

Are you enthusiastic about TV series? If so, you are definitely going to see a lot of slot games with your favorite characters and storyline. One of such slot games online is 5 GOD Beasts.

Like the slot game above, CQ9 is also the proud developer of 5 GOD Beasts. The slot game features scatter, wilds, and bonus symbols. For every winning combo secured, you can be confident of being rewarded handsomely.

Lucky Number

Lucky Number

Based on the movie, the Lucky Number, here is another slot game that is inspired by a movie storyline. The gameplay features scatter symbols and wild that can initiate a bonus round. The Lucky Number is another progressive jackpot that gets triggered randomly.

However, in some cases, you may unlock the pot of wealth with the right choice and a bit of luck.

Eagle's Wings

Eagle’s Wings

MG surely gives many awesome products when it comes to slot games, and Eagle’s Wings surely affirms it. The popular and intriguing game is another progressive slot game, featuring nine paylines and five reels. If you can manage to secure five Eagle’s Wings symbols on the number nine payline, you are in wealth.

How to start playing the slot in online casino Wabo88

Contrary to what many new bettors think, opening an online casino Australia account is easy. If you want to start enjoying the game slot online on Wabo88, simply visit the site and click on sign up. After successful signup, you will have a personalized username and password for yourself to use.
From there, choose the “slot” category on the homepage to view various game providers on Wabo88. Download a free app of your choice on an android smartphone or play on Windows. Slot games from Wabo88 are also accessible from Mac. However, ensure that you connect your bank account to fund your casino account. Afterward, you can start playing any of the exciting slot games from your comfort.

Features of Slot Game Online Wabo88

slot game online for mobile Australia is popular for different reasons. Aside from its longstanding value in an online casino, below are the features and benefits that make slot games a go-to gaming option for millions of players worldwide:

Rewards and Bonuses

Aside from being rewarding with incredible payouts, slot games feature generous rewards and bonuses. Hence, it is unsurprising to see many experienced bettors sticking to online slot games for a long time.

This popular game category offers daily, weekly and monthly bonuses to gamers – not to mention VIP rewards and exclusive offers.

Comfort and convenience

As with any other online casino games, the slot category offers tranquility and convenience to gamers. You don’t have to start finding the nearest casinos before you make money from slot games. Just sign up with Wabo88 and open your favorite on your palm.

A plethora of choice

Given the various slot software providers, the list of slot games keeps grows every year. Currently, you can find at least 20 slot games from a single software developer. Popular and longstanding software providers such as ACEWIN, AMEBA,CQ9 and BBIN are even known for series of progressive and non-progressive slot games.

Whether you are concerned about paylines, reels, gameplay, theme, or payout, you’ll indeed find various slot game options.


Wabo88 slot stands out regarding slot games online for mobile Australia. With various slot game providers on the platform, you can be confident of never getting bored. The slot games comes with various themes, gameplay, and payout. Simply take your time to check out the multiple options and choose your favorite slot game.

If you are new to slot games, take your time to practice with the demo mode; it will increase your chances of winning. Also, don’t forget to utilize the available bonuses and promotions for slot games.