Fantastic VIP casino Program on the Most Trusted Online Casino Australia

Hardly will you find anyone complaining about a shortage of games on Wabo88 or ever getting bored while playing on the popular online casino Australia. The same thing applies to the magnificence of the VIP casino program on the website. Wabo88 is well-known for treating its customers with respect. The loyal and long-term patrons do not only get absolute respect but some exciting perks to go with it.

Wabo88 introduces exclusive VIP online casino programs to any member who spends a considerable period trusting and playing on the famous online casino. This is possible using the five-tier program that includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The more time you spend with Wabo88, the more chances of moving through the ranks and enjoy more exciting offers, gifts, and bonuses. All these go along with special services and gaming experience.

With the tier-based loyalty program, each member understands what they need to do to proceed to the next level and the accompanying incentives. While Wabo88 encourages members to achieve the basics to rank higher, the brand’s primary focus is to ensure that players are satisfied, especially the very important patrons.

How to become VIP of Wabo88

Once you sign up with Wabo88, deposit into your account and play with real money, you are already setting yourself to get promoted to the next tier. With every game played, you are automatically entered into the loyalty program through points.

However, like every gamer on Wabo88, you are required to start from the Bronze, which is the bottom tier. As you continue to play more and win more, you’ll be accruing points that will send you to the next stage. So, becoming a VIP of Wabo88 is pretty simple – just follow the steps below:

  • Sign up, deposit, and play with real money.
  • Get verified by the system.
  • Sit back and watch as your points increase.
As a new member, ensure that you don’t share your login details with anyone except the platform itself. When it is time to upgrade your account, you’ll be asked to provide the necessary information about yourself. 

Within two working days, the Wabo88 team will review your account and confirm the submitted information. From there, the governing team will update your status and information to become the latest member of the VIP member.

Benefits of becoming a VIP member

Below are what makes the loyalty program stands out:

Higher points equal a better prize

VIP online casino program epitomizes loyalty. The more points accrued from your multiple days of betting, the more impressive your prizes will be. Thus, whenever you play on Wabo88, you still have a chance to earn more significantly in the future, regardless of whether you win your current game or lose.

Get higher points with certain games

Once you start ranking higher, playing some specific games means you’ll get more points than the regular players. In this way, you have a better chance to enter the next tier once you become a VIP member.

Variety of rewards

Becoming Wabo88 online casino VIP means you are opened to wide-ranging bonuses and promotions. Interestingly, the rewards often come in different forms. From extra credit, cash, gifts, a sponsored getaway to freebies, the reward variety is generous and exciting.

Special offers

Being a casino VIP also gives privileges such as higher bonuses, tournament entries, reactivation bonuses, and special prizes. All these offers are not available to the regular players. Also, VIP members get a dedicated customer service support for faster withdrawal than regular players.


Only a few Wabo88 online casino Australia platforms can match up with the generosity of Wabo88. Given the special treatments and exclusive offer available to Wabo88 VIP members, unsurprisingly, the famous brand experiences an incredible customer retention rate, with most loyal patrons becoming VIP casino members within a short while.

If you would like to enjoy the same exciting offer and treatment, register and start gaming on Wabo88.