Terms & Condition

1. Disclaimer
WABO We strive to keep all published content and information accurate and up-to-date (at the date of publishing) as much as possible, however we do not provide any guarantee to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information and contents found or offered on this website. Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements. Contents of this site is subject to change without notice. Some products or services may not be available in all markets due to regulatory or other restrictions.

All contents of this website are copyrighted by WABO , and all rights are reserved. Any use, copying or storage of these content, graphics, trademarks, designs, packaging and/or other intellectual property on this website without written approval of WABO is illegal. We reserve the right to recover any compensation (civil or criminal) and prosecute any illegal application or misuse of our intellectual property.

Use of our products and services in this website automatically constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions as listed.

All members, agents and third-party marketers are subject to the terms and conditions as set forth.

Promotional activities are subject to additional rules and conditions as listed for those activities.

2. User’s Obligation
1.The user undertakes to register as a WABO user using his true identity, and to ensure that the personally identifiable information provided is true, complete, and effective, and shall bear the responsibility corresponding to the law for the information provided in accordance with the legal provisions and mandatory provisions.

2.The user is responsible for keeping his account ID and password safe. WABO assumes no responsibility for losses from misuse or stolen account, and the user is fully accountable to all losses incurred in his account.

3.If the user suspects or discovers his/her account had been misused or stolen, he/she must immediately notify WABO and submit all relevant documents to verify his/her identity and to suspend the account. WABO is not liable to any losses incurred.

4.WABO will suspend any account that has been stolen after the user notifies the company and provide verification documents that is consistent with the information provided during registration.

5.WABO reserves the right to reject user’s request to suspend an account if he/she is unable to verify his/her identity.

6.Users who have forgotten their password must provide verifiable documents to prove their identity. WABO reserves the right to not to reveal or change passwords of account holders that is not able to verify his/her identity, to safe guard user’s account.

7.If the user finds any illegal use of user account or exploitation of security holes, Please immediately notify WABO.

8.Agents are not partners WABO. Any discrepancies that may arise between users and agents are not the responsibility of WABO.

9.Any account registration that contains discrepancies in personal information will be terminated.

10.WABO reserves the right to terminate the accounts that have not logged in for six (6) consecutive months, or have not logged in for three (3) consecutive months after the first login, or has never logged in one (1) month after registration.

11.WABO reserves the right to terminate any account without prior notice. The company’s decision is final.

12.Users need to be aware that once the remittance is made, WABO will not issue a refund. Users need to double the turnover in the game before he/she can withdraw money.

3. Registration
WABO registration is open to persons of 18 years old and above. We reserve the right to require further age verification if any account is suspected to be falsely declared.

For verification purpose, we require all registrant to submit his name, address and date of birth.

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the gaming management authority and the condition of our operating license, no person under the age of 18 will be allowed to use our services.

By registering for our services, you agree to abide by the following:
-Use of appropriate software and measures to prevent minors from accessing our site
-Do not leave your computer unattended while logged in to WABO
-Do not reveal your credit card or bank account details to minors
-Do not save your WABO log in user and password in your browser’s auto-fill function
-Have separate log in account to your computer for minors
If you have knowledge of any persons under the age of 18 years old (or under the legal age in their jurisdiction) falsely declaring their age to us to register an account, please notify us immediately

4. Privacy Statement
WABO will never use, modify or disclose user’s personal information

WABO will not disclose any non-publicly available data from game platforms unless required in the following situations:

1.To comply with relevant laws and regulatory requirements

2.To maintain trademark ownership of WABO

3.To maintain the safety and security of the public in case of an emergency

4.Meet other relevant requirements

5.Special Rules for Game Platforms
1.The following actions are strictly prohibited on the game platforms:
(1)Stealing, hacking or otherwise illegally obtaining, transferring or using game accounts, in-game tokens (hereafter referred as tokens), rewards, and other in-game items, by means abuse of system loopholes, or any methods that is not in accordance to our rules and procedures, WABO reserves the right to remove, reverse or invalidate such items.
(2)Activities that abuse system vulnerabilities or any other abnormal methods to obtain game accounts, tokens and or rewards are strictly prohibited.
2.Any accounts found to have violated above mentioned activities, and/or conducted private transaction relating to such activities, will be permanently suspended

3.If WABO finds that the user account data is abnormal, it has the right to take corresponding measures, including the freezing and termination of the abnormal account, the theft of tokens in the abnormal account, and the related data of rewards Clear, users must not ask WABO to make any compensation

6. Change or Termination of Services
1. When one of the following situations occurs, WABO has the right to stop or interrupt the services provided to users :
(1) The user has posted illegal information, seriously violated social morality, and other violations of the prohibitions of the law
(2) The user provided false registration identity information or committed a violation of this agreement
(3) Necessary maintenance of the system or network equipment
(4) Unexpected network failure or unavailable
(5) Due to irresistible factors, WABO cannot provide the services
(6) Due to the requirements of relevant government agencies.
2. Under the circumstances stipulated in this agreement, WABO will stop or change or terminate what is effected to the user Inconvenience or damage that may arise from the service, WABO shall not be liable for any damages to the user or any third party.

3. Users should understand and agree that the services provided by WABO may be caused by the company itself, other partners or Relevant telecom operators’ network system software and hardware equipment failures, failures, or all or part of the interruption due to the artificial negligence of the partners and related telecom staff, temporary unavailability, delay or intrusion by others WABO System tampering or falsification of materials, etc., resulting in the suspension or interruption of services or the lose of user data, users shall not request WABO to provide any compensation or compensation. </ p>

4. WABO According to this agreement to cancel or terminate the user qualification, the user shall not request compensation or compensation.

5.WABO has the right to unilaterally decide to add, modify, delete, suspend or terminate based on its judgment only All or part of the services it provides (including but not limited to adding, suspending or terminating the operation of a game), and there is no prior notice the user separately, and the user shall not request any compensation or compensation for this.

6. WABO does not guarantee that there will be no program bugs for its services and that it may cause problems No liability for compensation.

7.Penalties for user violations
User violations refer to users violating the terms of WABO User Registration and Use Agreement, WABO Rules, etc. WABO Any behavior of the terms of service or management system, the penalties for user violations are as follows:

1. If the user violates the terms of the “WABO User Registration and Use Agreement” WABO has the right to freezing or terminate its game account, delete its game account, or even block its computer depending on the seriousness of the circumstances. The user shall not request WABO to make any compensation or Refund.

2. If violated found, will be punished accordingly in accordance with the rules of the Game Rules and Regulations.

3. If users violate WABO other service terms and management systems, they will be punished according to relevant regulations Corresponding penalties. WABO There is no contradiction between the terms of service or management systems, and they can be implemented separately.